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Error while running benchmark barnes

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I am facing an error while running barnes benchmark on MESI Two Level


The system.pc.com_1.terminal file generated within m5out prints the following:

Loading new script... [HOOKS] PARSEC Hooks Version 1.2

Hack code: Plummer model

nbody dtime eps tol dtout tstop fcells NPROC

16384 0.02500 0.0500 1.00 0.250 0.075 2.00 16

COMPUTESTART = 1325376006504370

[HOOKS]Entering ROI

not enough levels in tree

not enough levels in tree

not enough levels in tree




I am not sure what this error means, since I have followed the same steps to run water_nsquared benchmark and it produced the stats.txt file without any issue.
asked Oct 8 in Benchmarks by shikhahallan (120 points)

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