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Cache hit_latency Error Following Gem5 Full System Emulation tutorial

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The error is specifically

"AttributeError: Class Cache has no parameter hit_latency"

I have followed the tutorial located here (http://learning.gem5.org/book/part3/fs_config.html#running-full-system) which seems to be as official as it can be. However when I put all my python files in the "configs/full_system" area I get the above error. I dont believe I'm missing anything as I have run.py, caches.py, x86.py, and system.py all there and they were downloaded directly from the tutorial site. Any idea why this is happening?


I tried adding hit_latency in the caches.py class definition for L1 and L2 caches but that didnt seem to do anything helpful besides tell me L1Cache has no hit .
asked Sep 3 in Classic Memory by tonyp2121 (170 points)

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