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simulation never ends

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I am trying to do some basic simulations on cache performance and tried to simulate bzip2 benchmark from SPEC2006 but it never stops (at least I run it 8 hours).

From other side when I run it for limited number of instructions (1Mln) the L1 ICache has very low miss rate (0.000005)

I also check the test stats  for bzip2 (spec2000 )provided by gem5 (tests/long) and found out that icache miss rate is 0 (system.cpu.icache.overall_miss_rate::total     0.000000, size=131072, assoc = 2) which is I believe impossible.


so my question is how to check why simulation of bzip2 never stops?

and how I can check that statistics for the icache is correct?


update: I tried to simulate another simple matrix multiplication program.

Program itself runs on my computer 7 mins.

Left it running whole night on gem5 but it didn't finish the simulation.

THis is my command line: build/ARM/gem5.opt -d matrixTiming  configs/example/se.py --caches --l1d_size=32kB --l1d_assoc=1 --l1i_size=32kB --l1i_assoc=1 --cacheline_size=64  --cpu-type=TimingSimpleCPU  -c tests/test-progs/matrixmul/bin/ARM/linux/mmMethod3_arm.o

Any idea what is the reason, or how i can find it.

Thanks for the help
asked May 18 in Classic Memory by Norair (120 points)
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