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Inclusive/Exclusive caches

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I want to do experiments for different cache hierarchy management policies (Exclusive/Inclusive) caches.

Is there any version of gem5 that implements these policies in classical memory system or i have to modify code to implement Exclusive?Inclusive cache policies
asked Apr 10 in Classic Memory by maq.uetian (680 points)

1 Answer

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To have pure inclusive or pure exclusive caches you'll have to modify the classic caches. Currently, there is a switch between mostly-inclusive and mostly-exclusive and whether or not to writeback clean lines.

It may not be very straightforward to make these changes, especially for a multi-core hierarchy. You may want to think about using Ruby, which allows for much more flexibility in the cache coherence protocol. Though, you will also have to modify Ruby's coherence protocols to get inclusive and exclusive protocols. Some protocols are inclusive (MESI, IIRC) and some are exclusive (MOESI_hammer), but there aren't two protocols that are the same except for their "clustivity".
answered Apr 10 by powerjg (6,280 points)