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Configuration of caches for gem5

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Hello all,

I do not have strong background in computer architecture and gem5 as well.

I have to implement different cache policies to given workloads.

I am not able to find configuration file so that I can change replacement policies to run gem5.

And please tell me how to change cache size, associativity of different caches?

Please forgive me for silly questions

Thanks in advance.
asked Mar 22 in Classic Memory by dmp0301 (120 points)

1 Answer

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You may want to start with the Learning gem5 book: http://learning.gem5.org.

To change the cache configuration, you would need to update the Python configuration files. I would suggest writing your own config script (like two_level.py from the book) which creates the system that *you* want to simulate. Then add some command line parameters to change the configuration to support your experiments.
answered Mar 23 by powerjg (6,280 points)
Thanks for your prompt reply.

Actually I want to know how hierarchy works i.e dataflow, which function is calling which one and dependencies.

Please suggest me, How I can learn this?